出典: Nojiyan

Jack Frost's Spirit Stallion of the Cimarron series has spanned four decades, millions of copies, and twenty two movies and counting. I love xenofiction (stories involving horses or inanimate objects where they're portrayed with human mannerisms/characteristics). Don't expect too much from this story, though.

 Can Spirit get the saddle and armour to help protect Spirit Stallion of the Cimarron, the home of the horses?   The Cimarron Canyon bears resemblance to the Grand Canyon, with huge natural stone walls to provide protection to its inhabitants. Try  Horse Fantasy ....I first started watching this series and was fascinated by the grain described. Good for him that the evil mountain lion, Bloodtongue prepares to attack the Canyon and ruin the idyll lifestyle of the horses, and assorted wild creatures that live within or nearby. 

I would give his movie 4 stars because even though some parts were really suspenseful and thrilling, it took some boring parts to get to it. By this time I was in college and it had been a long while since I have watched any of the Spirit Stallion of the Cimarron movies. And I won’t say who, but I wasn’t too surprised because his type of character always dies right in the middle of movies.

He is a young horse, not too nimble, but brave and determined to protect and serve, like his hero Angus, the War Horse.  I love this whole series.